Our Roadmap

Musedcom online platform aspires to grow from a $1M dollar fund in 2023 to a >$50M dollar fund by 2030
  • Musedcom targets to raise a pilot fund size of >$1M from 500 members. Each member will subscribe to a minimum of 5 shares @ $500 each. This pilot capital will be invested in a carefully selected portfolio of productive assets based on available capital. Musedcom proposes a minimum holding period of 1 year for initial equity capital invested.
  • Within 5 years, Musedcom intends to have a minimum capital base of $10M. Musedcom will have provided a platform for the exit and entry of capital providers across all phases and tranches of capital raise and exits.
  • For phase 3, Musedcom intends to have a minimum capital base of $50M and should be transitioning to be a fully-fledged financial institution with SACCO products like credit cards, member loans, checking accounts, routing numbers and diaspora money transfer/remittances capability within the app