Musedcom online platform aspires to grow from a $1M dollar fund in 2023 to a >$50M dollar fund by 2030

  •  Musedcom targets to raise a pilot fund size of >$1M from 500 members. Each member will subscribe to a minimum of 5 shares @ $500 each. This pilot capital will be invested in a
    carefully selected portfolio of productive assets based on available capital. Musedcom proposes a minimum holding period of 1 year for initial equity capital invested
  • Within 5 years, Musedcom intends to have a minimum capital base of $10M. Musedcom will have provided a platform for the exit and entry of capital providers across all phases and
    tranches of capital raises and exits
  • For phase 3, Musedcom intends to have a minimum capital base of $50M and should be transitioning to be a fully fledged financial institution with SACCO products like credit cards,
    member loans, checking accounts, routing numbers and diaspora money transfer/remittances capability within the app

Phase 1 – Pilot phase
• Raise $1M capital to finance initial portfolio
of assets under mgt – Tranche a
• Refine business model and proprietary
technology for member engagement
• Test and validate scalable portfolio

Phase 2– Grow assets under mgt.
• Increase capital base/investors to >$10M
• Grow validated portfolio
• Grow assets under mgt. and portfolio mix,
testing & diversifying investments that are
• Operationalize a SACCO business segment

Phase 3 – Scale fund size and portfolio
• Increase capital base to >$50M
• Innovate and evolve into a fully fledged
financial corporation with

Musedcom platform receives capital and disburses dividends or share exits

Initial pilot targets a min. of $1.25M capital from 500 members each buying min. of 5 shares @ $500 each

llustrative fund overview

Critical success factor

• Raise capital to invest in the member’s best interests across a keenly
selected portfolio of assets across different sectors
• Investment philosophy that minimizes risk while maximizing
returns through a robust portfolio selection criteria
• Engage commercial debt finance to boost equity capital and
leverage the benefits of interest tax shield
• Deploy executive members expertise across construction,
healthcare, management, finance, & real estate to generate
• Tailor capital raise cycles (tranches) and ring-fence each tranche for
traceability of capital and returns disbursement matrix
• Offer tailored financing cycles (tranches) and offer competitive
• Provide robust member engagement & technical assistance
including communications on fund strategy and business
performance reporting
• Retain a low-cost fund management cost structure, leveraging synergies
and creating long-term partnerships with capital providers
• Ensure efficiency in decision-making and build long-term funding
partnerships with capital providers

Musedcom enables African Diaspora in the US to access US assets

Fund will share profits based on invested capital; together we are better, stronger, and wealthier

Why Musedcom for the African diaspora in the USA?

Shared risk & returns via pooled investments – Musedcom pools members capital and leverages the economies of scale in investment sourcing and management of USA based assets/investments

Shared heritage & investment philosophy – our shared African heritage aligns all members to our true entrepreneurial spirit & “Harambee” motto

Enhanced scale and scope for value creation; pooled investments offer enhanced scale and scope for investing, thus enhancing returns and profits at scales only available to pooled schemes not individuals

Musedcom’s welfare arm aims to provide a safety net to those who choose to join in, ensuring solidarity in the event of death or loss of a very close relative like parent, spouse or child. Musedcom will also offer training on
matters investment and capital accumulation

Growth in capital; sustained quality in returns; high caliber executive team; sustained IT infrastructure, sustained community engagement & internal controls deliver sustained profitability for expansion into
SACCO and Credit Union business division

Musedcom’s liquidity model ensures members can sell shares to other members when we revalue the fund at semi-annual or annual periods and members can exit or buy up shares on offer by other members.
Musedcom board will also engage in share buybacks to boost exit liquidity of members shares

Shared risk & returns via pooled investments – Musedcom pools members capital and leverages the economies of scale in investment sourcing and management of USA based assets/investments

Shared heritage & investment philosophy – our shared African heritage aligns all members to our true entrepreneurial spirit & “Harambee” motto

Specialized investment package for African diaspora in the USA – Musedcom Fund 1 (Tranche A)

  • Minimum number of shares for sale per member — 5
  • Target minimum capital raised — $ 1,250,000/=
  • Target number of equity investors/members – 500 Minimum holding period – 1 year
  • Total number of shares for Tranche A – 2,500 Returns – Dividend per share or Capital gain on exit of shares per vehicle/fund
  • Price per share — $ 500
  • Exit – Internal share sale or liquidation and disbursement of sale proceeds

High cash revenues and low risk assets key to generate long term wealth

Musedcom’s investment sourcing and selection criteria ensures cashflow rich assets generate wealth

Target high demand, recession-proof, pandemic proof & growing sectors
• Assets in sectors that have perpetual demand supported by macro and demographic trends will be high priority targets
• Healthcare services or healthcare linked real-estate score highly in this criteria

Target projects/businesses/assets with constant cash settled income/revenues
• Projects/assets backed by credible customers who settle bills in cash/bank credits on time ensure liquidity
• Government paid or government funded services are default proof. Medicaid and Medicare programs seem to be high priority targets

Target businesses/assets with short turnover (deal close) periods
• Projects/assets that yield cash within short periods score high on cash return and low on risk
• Assets that have average sales size say ($25,000 per month revenue) payable within 30-days of invoices would score highly than those that require a
huge cash payment to close (say selling a house for $400,000 once every 6 month)

Target businesses/assets where executive board members have passion & experience/expertise
• Projects where the board members have experience and passion would likely succeed than projects where board members lack expertise
• Projects in construction mgt. & healthcare settings such as AFHs can leverage management experience validated during workshop

Target assets with recurrent revenues (all year round) more than those with one-off revenues
• Projects with all year revenues that are billed monthly and paid withing say 30-60 days would ensure fund liquidity to sustain itself and pay dividends
• Projects in healthcare score highly in this regard, since clients are billed monthly, and government pays up monthly as wel

Investments products prioritization matrix

AFH business, AFH ready rental units, members loans & other real estate are potential investments

Implementation plan for tranche A (fund 1)

Capital raise opens in 10/23; closes 12/23; deployment starts 01/24; dividends and exit revaluation on 12/24