Investments management process

Dedicated fund management team to operationalize fund with board oversight

Investment process

Sourcing assets
  • Leverage networks of members and board 
  • Pre-screening in collaboration with IC team
  • Includes validation of business case and operational case
Investment assessment
  • Detailed investment assessment of prescreened leads by IC &  board to determine investment risk ratings
  • Final investment approvals by IC & board, structuring and fund disbursement
Asset Mgt.
  • Periodic review of each active asset/project
  • Monitoring of early warning signals e.g., payments, compliance breaches and citations
  • Restructuring of operations
Returns to members
  • Assessment of profits through financial reporting and determination of dividend ratio by board
  • Financial valuation of NAV to enable pricing for exit seekers and repurchase by Musedcom

Team and governance

  • Daily operations managed by executive board including President, VP, CFO, Treasurer, CIO, Secretary, Marketing leads etc. 
  • Final investment and disbursement approval by the investment committee 
  • Oversight from board members in approving core operating team decisions
  • Initial involvement of Musedcom structures e.g., board, management and business development team (member generation and engagement)

Domicile and legal structure

  • Domiciled in WA state due to the founding members being in WA, with options to investigate legal domicile in tax havens such as Delaware in due time
  • Fund to be structured as a self-managed collective investment scheme; financing expected to be pooled from Musedcom members/investors and bank loans if approved by board

Robust assessment matrix

Fund will deploy best practices across value chain to minimize risks and ensure sustainability