Musedcom is a private equity investment vehicle created for the Mustard Seed Diaspora Community (Musedcom) domiciled in the USA. Members invest an initial $300 registration fee and purchase a minimum of 5 shares at $500 each, with no maximum limit. Musedcom invests in stable cash revenue businesses and assets with minimal risks, such as commodity trades, healthcare sectors, and real estate linked to healthcare or commercial developments. Members share in profits based on their capital investments

To become a member, simply register on our web-based app and pay the initial $300 registration fee. After registration, you can purchase shares and become an investor in our investment pool.

The minimum number of shares you can purchase is 5, and there is no maximum limit. You can buy as many shares as you wish to increase your investment.

  • Profits generated from our investments are distributed to members at the end of each reporting cycle, typically one year. The distribution is proportionate to the capital each member has invested.

Yes, you can sell your shares, but only after a minimum holding period of one year. The Musedcom board will compute the share value based on Net Asset Value (NAV) for the exit.

Musedcom may invite members for additional capital raises, possibly twice per year. These opportunities allow members to increase their investments

Musedcom primarily targets businesses/assets with stable cash revenues and minimal economic/demand risks. This includes commodity trades, healthcare sectors (adult family homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities), and real estate linked to healthcare or commercial developments.

Musedcom implements robust risk management policies in line with our investment philosophy of maximizing shareholder value while minimizing investment risks. We rely on the expertise of our board members to make informed decisions

As a member, you participate in shared prosperity and contribute to the welfare outreach arm of Musedcom Welfare. Our vision is to create generational wealth for members, sharing prosperity on a proportionate basis based on invested capital

No, Musedcom is not a public corporation. It is a private equity vehicle created by members, for members’ wealth creation

Musedcom has a perpetual life with members entering and exiting at will. In case of a member’s death, next of kin will be contacted for inheritance or buyout by the board

Musedcom’s governance is based on integrity and accountability, with members’ interests at the core of our operations. We provide periodic financial performance and operational reports to members

Yes, Musedcom has a physical office for member engagement. Soon, Musedcom will expand its office, sales and communication teams to enhance communication and interaction with our members

For additional information or clarification, please email us at “,” and our team will be happy to assist you.

Musedcom is committed to following the best practices of well-managed private equity funds in the USA, ensuring transparency, compliance, and innovation in our investment strategies and corporate governance processes.